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The Ceramian is located in the heart of Kerameikos, an area overflowing with history. Kerameikos took its name from the word kéramos (“pottery clay”, from which the English word “ceramic” is derived), because of the many ceramists who lived and worked there in ancient times. The “Inner Kerameikos” was the former “ceramists’ quarter” within the city and “Outer Kerameikos” includes the cemetery and also the Dēmósion Sēma (δημόσιον σήμα, public graveyard) just outside the city walls. Ruins of the Dēmósion Sēma, where Pericles delivered his funeral oration in 431 BC, were found and now exhibited, literally, next door from the Ceramian.

But Kerameikos of nowadays has much more to offer. Some of Athens most exquisite restaurants are located steps away. Bars, caffes, museums, art galleries, local markets set the scene of a vibrant, lively, edgy and interesting place to live.

Combining the allure of an unspoiled, old-fashioned, original neighborhood with its central location, the Ceramian makes the perfect starting point to discover and experience Athens.

In this sacred area between the Parthenon and Dēmósion Sēma, our guests are bound to submerge themselves in the lavish ancient Greek history.

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